What is Sai Signage?

Sai Signage, digital signage system powered by WordPress and Raspberry pi, offers limitless design possibilities. With the simplicity and robust expressiveness unique to WordPress, your message comes to life dynamically.

  • No need for bulky equipment. All you need is an HDMI port.
  • Excellent portability. Signage anytime, anywhere.
  • Vender-independent, Device-independent.
  • Limitless scalability.
  • 4K and touchscreen supported.

Because it’s WordPress, you can design signage with the same feeling as creating website pages.

It’s not just signage; by incorporating buttons and using a touchscreen, it can also be utilized as an information board.

What is Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s roughly the size of a credit card but offers the functionality of a basic desktop computer.

The Sai-signage system uses Raspberry Pi as a signage client device and establishes a connection with the Sai-signage WordPress server.

Where to buy Raspberry Pi?

SaiSai Client

You can either install and configure the necessary software on your "Raspberry Pi" yourself,


purchase a "SaiSai Client" from our site, which comes with the required software pre-installed and pre-configured on the "Raspberry Pi."


How Sai-Signage works:

First, access "SaiSai Cloud" and create your signage content on the management screen. Once you've created the content, register it in the "Channel" and create a broadcast schedule.

Next, if you have a Raspberry Pi, you can install and configure the necessary "SaiSai Client Software" yourself.

If you do not have one, you can purchase a Raspberry Pi with the software pre-installed and pre-configured on our site.

Connect the prepared Raspberry Pi device to the monitor you will use for signage with an HDMI cable.

After turning on the power to the Raspberry Pi device, it will automatically connect to the "SaiSai Cloud" server after a while and start broadcasting the latest digital signage content you created with WordPress.

SaiSai Cloud WordPress Server

"SaiSai Cloud" is a digital signage distribution server that utilizes "WordPress," a highly regarded CMS.
You can design signage content freely with the ease of editing a web page.

Signage content is managed in units called "Channels," allowing you to distribute multiple different signage contents using multiple "Channels."

Additionally, each "Channel" can schedule content to be distributed by day and time, enabling you to manage the distribution program of signage content as if creating a TV program.

The above diagram illustrates how each "SaiSai Client" communicates with the "SaiSai Cloud" server to display the multiple digital signage contents you created on their respective displays.

"SaiSai Client" is configured to automatically connect to "SaiSai Cloud" and display signage content on the screen when powered on.
This setup ensures that even if the clients are located in geographically distant locations, there is no need to visit the site to update the device settings with each content change, and the latest content is always displayed.

"SaiSai Cloud" is available through a low-cost monthly subscription. Please refer to this page for details on each plan.